Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend in Austin: Coco's, Habana & Pho Van

So this weekend we decided to go to Austin (about 1 hr away) and to try out a few new places to eat. It's a tradition of ours to find a new bakery, coffee shop, eatery in Austin or any new town that we go to. So this weekend we went to Habana SoCo to have a little Cuban food!

Habana SoCo

2728 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704
Cuban & Caribbean food $10-$15 per Entree.

The outside was very welcoming and has
a outdoor sitting area that is heated! (Not that Texas needs that often)

I had the Ropa Vieja for $13.50. This was a HEARTY plate and I even took home left overs. It was very tasty! Ropa Vieja is Spanish for "Old Clothes" - It is a shredded flank steak in a tomato sauce base.

Gerald had the Seafood Paella for One - $19.95

It was very flavorful but seemed like the "knock off" version of all the huge pots of Paella that you see on the food network. Still tasty but I would not really pay $19.95 for it again...Sorry paella!

Our next stop was
Coco's Cafe
8557 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758

This is one of the best places in Austin to get bubble tea. If you have not tried it, you definitely should. You can get it in any flavor, my personal favorite is a strawberry smoothie with the boba pearls on the bottom. Roughly about $3 a cup - but very filling!

Another first I had this weekend was Pho, and it was very delicious.

Pho Van
8557 Research Blvd (right next to Coco's)
Austin, TX 78758

Under $10 per entree. I had Pho Ga - small size for $5.99 , and there was plenty for left overs!

Pho Ga was a chicken broth soup with noodle and vegetables.

SO that's what we did this was your Valentine's weekend? What are your favorite places in Austin??

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